Interesting things to know about me

Hi there! I am a programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and hacker based in Berlin, Germany.

I call myself a code artist because programming can and should be seen as a creative process – and that is what I strive for! Just like a painter loves to paint or a musician loves to sing or play an instrument, I love to think about concepts and patterns, and craft pieces of art with code.


My professional achievements and experience

Since 2007 I am freelancing as programmer and consultant. I worked at a lot of different places, from start-ups in their first months to well known companies like Nokia and Deutsche Telekom.

In 2018 I joined Wunderdog as a Senior Web Development Consultant.

Together with entrepreneurs, UI/UX experts and engineers of many fields I created new and beautiful things.

Please see my CV for a more detailed list.


Whenever possible I love to help others to learn

I'm the organizer of Vuejs // Berlin, a monthly meetup group around Vuejs and frontend development.

Many people want to learn and grow. Whenever I can, I help them with my knowledge and experience. I already voluntarily coached at RailsGirls and JugendHackt. I also helped children with their first steps in programming at the Berlin CoderDojo.