Did you know the Hello Inc. Sleep Sense? In 2014 or so a company created a small computer to help people analyzing and eventually improve their sleeping. Unfortunately after a few years the company gave up and stopped its services. The good thing though: they also open sourced everything from the PCB plans to all the web services.

What you see on the picture is my Sleep Sense after I disassembled it. I wanted to see if there’s a connector for a serial connector so that I could directly talk to the hardware. Didn’t find it but I also didn’t check the PCB plans yet. I’m sure there is something somewhere.

I’d like to use the pretty little sensor ball as night light (it has RGB LEDs!) and room sensor (temperature, air quality, humidity, all the good stuff!). I’ll keep you posted.

Did you get a Sleep Sense? What did you do do with it after the company shut down?

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  1. Looking forward to how this develops!

    1. Ah this is sweet and make me wish I got one! Have fun with this (ps, UART on leftmost PCB? Those "TP"s?)

      1. @the_byter possible! Have to that! Thanks