Feeling watched?

The desk space behind my laptop is, as it seems, the perfect spot to chill. And watch. Chillatch.

I’m currently on a little side quest on trying to all the information I tend to look up from time to time into a personal wiki. But of course I have to find a good piece of software that suits my needs. It should be open source, offline first with possible self hosted synchronization, it should be a wiki or asynchronous notebook which means that I can create lots of interlinked entries with categories or tags and I need to be able to use it together with others. All this on desktop and phones!

My first try was Tiddlywiki. Checks all the marks. I was able to use the selfnote version, that can sync with CouchDB (which already runs on my server). But after using it a bit since serious problems appeared mostly with mobile usage. Because it’s a website the browser would reload it all the time and if that happens while editing something everything just breaks. The usability usable on phones was bad already but that killed it for me.

Next one I try is Joplin. This is an open source note taking and todo app that stores everything as markdown files and supports lots of different ways of synchronization. This makes it check all the boxes again, especially because there are desktop and mobile versions, even one for the terminal. I just started today so I cannot say much yet but even if it’s not the best solution in the end, I’ll have everything stored in markdown files in my nextcloud afterwards so nothing is lost. Really cool!

Are you using a personal wiki or notebook? Maybe a proprietary one like Evernote or Microsoft Note which was Wunderlist before? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  1. Do you like the dell every dell I buy I get maybe 2 years out of before it breaks

    1. @helix2301 interesting. Dell was the most stable along with Thinkpad until now

    2. Cutie😍