How am I supposed to concentrate if you keep using that laptop, human?

A few days ago I read about It’s a website, or as it is calling itself: an exclusive club, for websites that weigh no more than 1MB.

I like the idea but it brings some unanswered questions with it. First of all: isn’t 1MB still a lot? Also, what about compression - counts the size without it. If a page has a huge amount of content but is otherwise minimalistic, shouldn’t it be rated better than a page with one word that loads 500kb of Javascript for whatever reason? What about performance of the website in general? What about accessibility?

I think a metric should be about accessibility in general. That includes size, but also performance on slow devices and accessibility with assistance software…

Sooo, I started my own version. I called it (and yes, 256kb would have been the better choice but it didn’t come to me on that day). It uses a headless browser in the background to check the website size and content to total size ratio. I hope to include more metrics soon. Check it out!

Do you have a website that fits? What are your thoughts on this project? Tell me in the comments.


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    1. Only those developers who have a cat, will shine with such creative ideas! 😁 I'm kidding. But anyway, nice idea, good luck!