Pair programming?

I’m currently moving everything from my old servers to one new, more performant server. That’s mostly straight forward except for some parts.

One is a CouchDB based project that’s the only one using this database. I actually wanted to use the chance to clean up and this kinda pokes my inner perfectionist. No big deal though.

The other one, much more problematic part is my self hosted bitwarden server that I use for password and secret management. Because I wanted to start with a clean setup, I planned to not just simply copy over things but set up everything from scratch again and move the data. This way I’d have the newest versions, no messy left-overs and so on.

But when I came to my Paris manager I found out that Rubywarden, the bitwarden server I used to use, is no longer maintained! So now it’s of course the best moment for a change but this also stresses me out a bit because it adds some uncertainty. And uncertainty is something you’d like to avoid if it’s about all your passwords 🤷‍♂️

Anyways. If you’re looking for an alternative as well, there’s now bitwarden-rs, a Rust implementation. It looks well maintained, too.

Are you using a password manager? If yes, which one and why this one? Tell me in the comments.


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