U surrr about that?

I used my time off for some new extras on my server. I’m running now my own SearX and Element instances.

SearX is a meta search engine that has support for a ton of different sources, from obvious candidates like Google, Bing and Duckduckgo to Wikipedia, Duden, Reddit, FDroid and PirateBay. There are lots of public instances but having your own protects your privacy even more and avoids rate limiting issues.

Element, the former Riot, the former VectorIM, honestly I’m about to loose track of their names, is the most sophisticated Matrix client available. I’m going to host my own Matrix Server (Dendrite) as well but it’s still fighting me somehow.

I’m normally very much for opening up all those services for everyone but I can’t afford the hassle of fighting potential abuse, so I’m sorry about that. But you can find a lot of very fast SearX instances via searx.me and use matrix via app.element.io or clients on any other platform.

I how you all enjoy some time off towards the end of the year, just love I do. If you can’t, I hope you can soon!

How do you spend the last days of the year? Tell me in the comments.


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    1. Preparing for Christmas 🎄 and 2021. Looking for new job, trying to get at least 5 hours sleep. 😂

      1. @kratochviljiricz five hours! You sure you'll wake up again after such a long time?

        1. @coffee_n_code I am really hoping that 2021 will be better, because I always have awesome sleep when i am at some conference ❤️🤩