Hard times

I seriously have a hard time to concentrate on anything if I get stuck for too long or if it’s something where I don’t know how to proceed.

On such days I need to find something that is exciting but simple to push my mood in the right direction. Often I break down the big, demotivating wall by taking a single stone out of it that seems interesting and work on that first.

How do you approach those days? Or maybe you don’t have them because everything is exciting around you or you are extremely focused and excitement doesn’t matter? Tell me in the comments!


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    1. Firstly take small steps. Its OK to break down. Ull get better. Next always take small breaks in between. It's a great tactic. Get up make a smoothie or a milk shake and then sit and continue. Divert ur mind during those small breaks. Ull feel great.

      1. I either choose to suffer or annoy my colleagues 😭

        1. Maybe you can prepare a talk for some meetup 💪😂

          1. @kratochviljiricz nice try! 😅

            1. @coffee_n_code Worth a shot 😂

            2. That's a great way to do it. Sometimes I'll just walk away for a little take my mind off of it and that will help me refocus later when I get back to the task