You should mirror that repo. Now let me sleep!

Okay, there are apparently people that host their code somewhere else than #github and then there are those people who cannot or don’t want to give up on the great social effects of having a github repository.

What social effects you ask? It’s actually simple. Because so many people use github it gets very well known. This leads to people using github to look for code. Especially non- or not-so-technical people like recruiters or maybe your users. Even contributing something like bug reports or patches will be easier on general because most people probably already have an account on github.

Now I can either expect everyone to register on my forge of choice, in this case SourceHut, or I can simply mirror the code on github as well to make use of the synergy effects of its size.

Github once even officially supports mirrors but doesn’t do it anymore so it’s up on yourself to do it. Git by itself supports mirrors with git remote add --mirror $your_git_url. But it doesn’t automatically mirror everything there. For this you need to use a git hook. It’s complicated to explain here, so I suggest you to ask your search engine of choice about the details. I mirror my repositories to github and my own self hosted git, additionally to hosting them on sourcehut.

Are you going to mirror everything now? Tell me in the comments.


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    1. @coffee_n_code nope. i already mirrored myself into three children 👶 😂😂😂

      1. @kratochviljiricz these aren't mirrors, these are forks!

      2. 😂