Only one last change…

Sounds familiar? The typical start of a long night. Not a healthy thing but my typical work mode for a long time, especially when I worked on side projects.

But I try to get away from it. No more work until 4am or even later. 11pm is pretty late for some people already but was often the time I just started to work on my side projects. Often sitting until 4am or 5am. One can imagine the sheer productivity running through my veins the next day. No of course not. Zombie mode is what happens the next day. Confused and without any reasonable level of concentration.

Since a bit I’m now trying to stop myself. I start a bit earlier as far as that’s possible and stop latest 2pm, better even 1am. Maybe I can fix my daily rhythm in a way that I can be productive in the morning already, like all those weird folks out there. I’ll never be an early bird but maybe I can be a not-very-late one?

Are you an early bird? And if so, is it willingly or out of necessity? Tell me in the comments!


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    1. Why is it that people like you and me are most productive at night? So strange.

      1. @labrat10001 I wonder as well.