The new keyboard is finally ready!

It will probably still take me a while to get up to speed again but I’m now pretty happy with the new Sofle keyboard!

And in case you wonder: yes, it is fully programmable thanks to the open source firmware QMK. QMK supports great things like mouse emulation, tap dance (do something different when tapping a key multiple times), mod tap (key acts like a modifier, eg Shift, when held but regular when tapped) and so many more.

And as you can see, I use my D&D spell and monster cards for purely ergonomic reasons.

Tell me about your keyboard in the comments!


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    1. Weißt du noch als wir die Buchstaben von deiner Tastatur abgelöst haben 😅

      1. 20 Jahre her aber das waren coole Zeiten ... wozu sind die 2 Potentiometer?

        1. Die Drehknöpfe können so wie alles andere komplett frei programmiert werden. Ich benutze den einen für die Lautstärke und Displayhelligkeit und den anderen zum Scrollen.

        2. Why does it look like you've connected some explosives to your laptop and are about to blow up stuff 😮

          1. @lilalex.andra no worries, you're far away

          2. 🔥🔥

            1. 🔥🔥 whats modifier?

              1. @jayant_siwach modifier keys are for example Shift, Control or Alt.

                1. @coffee_n_code wow! asking offtopic but ihave seen alot of coders have two different computer is that like super necessary?😮

                  1. @jayant_siwach not at all necessary! But many companies expect you to use a company laptop.

                  2. Once we thought your keyboard couldn't get weirder... We notice it ACTUALLY could. Looks awesome!

                    1. Love this setup 👏🔥